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Online exchange showing evasiveness of TBM mentality

September 3, 2012
So I re-tweet (RT or quote) this guy’s post where he is GRIPING about being called up in the EARLY MORNING by someone from CHURCH, telling him to teach the next day.

Here’s the exchange on Twitter:

RT @Stan_Way: When your #Mormon priesthood leader calls early Saturday AM it can only mean 1 thing: You’re teaching tomorrow #sucker #pwnage

@blakesgarden Well I’ve never looked at it that way, but I suppose everyone is allowed to their own opinions. Just an opportunity to serve.

@Stan_Way Dude, to be told to serve is what? Coercion of service isn’t voluntary service. It’s volnteering to be told what to do by someone

@blakesgarden I don’t think you have a firm grasp of how things work in my church. There is no coercion. I could have easily said no.

@Stan_Way What happens if you always say no? You know, you don’t do what you’re told but, let’s say, you just serve as you see fit?

@blakesgarden If I say no it’s no big deal. I do serve as I see fit & have a great time. Helping a friend by teaching tomorrow is a bonus.

So he’s helping an LDS church “friend.”  We know how deep that friendship likely must be, and he says he serves as he sees fit, but he really didn’t answer my question: What if he said no all the time and just did what he wanted? Seriously, that would not fly too long: He’d get grief from his priesthood “friends,” probably get pressure from his wife, and eventually be asked to talk with the Bishop and likely lose his Temple Recommend if he persisted in not being good and “church broke.”  He’d be castigated as “selfish.” Am I wrong?  Anyone else a bit astonished at the blinders he’s got on (though I’m sure most postmos have witnessed their like before)?

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