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“God never changes, except when He does”

August 31, 2013

I don’t get how all the changes aren’t more testimony busting than they appear to be, or at least shelf bending. When you are in the magic bubble, you explain all the changes away; they even become validations–when the Brethren make changes, that must mean that God saw fit for those changes now; that’s part of His plan. The post hoc reasoning is just mind numbing. Yeah, weren’t we told that God is unchanging, God’s law is unchanging, the Gospel is unchanging, it’s a rock, its principles are eternal, Smith got the Temple ordinances from God, pure from the time of Solomon…but the Brethren keep changing shit over time. Why? Or apologists will play the “Be flexible” card or the “Don’t fall into the fundamentalist trap” card. I hate the playing both sides against the middle, but no one will acknowledge, except someone like Armand Mauss and his fans, that the LDS church is a sociological creature bent on accommodating itself over time to the wider culture. That’s the truth the orthodox Mormons say they love so much, but they treat that particular sociological truth like it’s Satanic or “anti.” I can’t grow spiritually with people who won’t acknowledge basic truths and who insist instead on living in a fairy land.


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